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Online Applications


Apply /Cancel / Renew / Extend Work Permit / Issue Special Pass valid for up to 14 days


Request For Early Renewal Of Work Permit

E Appointment Booking


EPOnline  Application Status Check for Applicants

EP and Dependant Pass Holder Address Update

EP and Dependant Pass Validity Check

Work Pass Exemption Notification (For International Arbitration Tribunal in Singapore etc).

SIP Booking

Online Police Report (Singapore Only) (If a Foreign Domestic Helper has gone missing for more than 48hours, abuse cases, theft as an Act Of Servant Cases, lost Work Permit Cards etc).

Waiver of Levy (If your helper wishes to go on Homeleave you can apply for a waiver of levy provided the period of homeleave is a minimium of 7 days and not more than 60 days) We can give guidance on this and also apply for the waiver on your behalf)

Application / Exemption Of Employers Orientation Progamme

Check and Pay Levy Online

Check Validity Of Work Pass

Quarterly Return (Due dates 20th Jan, 20th April, 20th July & 20th October)

Consent To Transfer Generator

Application for Self Exclusion From Money Lenders for FDW's

Notification Of FDW to work at another address other than stated on the Work Permit (If you require your FDW to take care of your Child or Parent at a Relative's house )


Home Based 6 monthly Medical Booking (Choose this option only for VDRL and Pregnancy Tests, Vendor will arrange to head to your residence to do the tests booking and payment is done online)

Covid 19 Information

Protecting Your Health (Review this information source)

Information on selecting a mask

Home Testing Kit (Available only in the UK)

Covid 19 Antigen Test (Office Onsite Emergency Set )

Covid 19 Antigen Test Simple Guide and Disposal Method

Covid 19 Update (Use this to find our Worldwide statistics of Covid 19)

Covid 19 Update Back Up

ICA Application to enter Singapore (3 days before arrival)

Safe Travel Application

Covid 19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 

Infectious Disease Act (Chapter 137)

Latest Information Ministry of Health

Latest Information Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

Latest Information Ministry Of Manpower

Available Relief Schemes

Commercial Lease Relief Information (Read in conjunction with Covid 19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020

Property Tax Rebate

Application for CIF (For All Travellers heading to the Philippines to take a PCR Test upon arrival)


Online Calculator for calculating Salary for an incomplete month of work

Address Search


Map Directions

Postal Code Finder

Address Search

Business / Company Name Search

Nearest Bus Finder

Temporary Boarding Options (For Domestic Workers only select the Female Only Options)

Flight Tickets

Cebu Pacific

Lion Air



Changi Airport Flight Arrival / Departure

Ferry Tickets

Batam Fast

Country Specific Visa Requirements for Domestic Workers

Overseas Domestic Worker United Kingdom Requirements and Visa Application Form

Overseas Domestic Worker Malaysian Requirements and Visa Application Form

Overseas Domestic Worker United States of America Requirements

Overseas Domestic Worker Traveling with Employer to Australia Requirements

Document Delivery and Tracking


LBC Track

Ixpress Courier Services

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