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Q1 : I have selected a suitable Migrant Domestic Worker and I now wish to engage her services what is the next step?

A1 : Schedule an appointment with our friendly staff and drop by our office with the following documents / information:

a. For All First Time Employers seeking to employ a Foreign Domestic Worker

  • A copy of the Employer's Orientation Programme Certificate Click Here for more information.

b. For Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Direct Hire Case

  • The FDW's name, date of birth, marital status and religion 
  • The FDW's passport number and expiry date
  • The FDW's work permit number (if applicable)
  • The FDW's place of birth, citizenship, race and highest qualification
  • The FDW's Malaysian IC number (if applicable)
  • The FDW's spouse name, IC number, residential status and nationality (if she is married to a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident / Malaysian)

c. For Foreign Domestic Worker's Employer

  • The Employer's name, date of birth, Identity Card (IC) number or Foreign
  • Identification Number (FIN) and residential status
  • The Employer's spouse name, date of birth, IC number or FIN, marital status and residential status
  • The Employer and spouse's CPF reference number (if any)
  • The Employment information of both Employer and Employer's spouse
  • The particulars of family members staying in same residential address
  • The Income Tax Notice of Assessment Reference number for previous or current year
  • The Employer and / or spouse's monthly income
  • The current Employer's name and consent (for change of Employer)

d. For Foreign Domestic Worker's Sponsor / Joint Income Applicant

  • The sponsor / Joint Income Applicant's name, date of birth, IC number or FIN and residential status
  • The sponsor / Joint Income Applicant's spouse name and IC number
  • The sponsor / Joint Income Applicant's employer CPF reference number (if any)
  • The employment information of sponsor / Joint Income Applicant
  • The Sponsor / Joint Income Applicant's Income Tax Notice of Assessment Reference number for previous or current year
  • The Sponsor /Joint Income Applicant's monthly income

e. For All Employers

  • The Employer's Proof Of Income "Employer letter & CPF statements, overseas income tax, or any other documents to show that this employer can afford to maintain the helper." is the current requirements for the Employer's Proof Of Income supporting document..
  • Letter from your company or business on company or business letter headed paper stating your monthly salary in Singapore Dollars, NRIC No, FIN No and Passport No of the Employer and the date of commencement of employment (see below for sample format) or your latest Income Tax Notice of assessment.  If you have your Singpass and wish to printout your latest Income Tax Notice of assessment Click here


Work Pass Division

Ministry Of Manpower

18 Havelock Road

Singapore 059764


Dear Sir or Madam



This letter serves to confirm that NAME OF EMPLOYER of FIN/NRIC No.: XXXXXX is presently employed by our company / business since DD/MM/YYYY in the capacity of DESIGNATION and that NAME OF EMPLOYER current monthly remuneration is S$XXXXX.

Yours faithfully




Designation in Company:


Copy and paste this sample letter on Company / Business Letter headed paper and ensure it is signed by your employer.

Q2 : What are the Conditions Of Work Pass relevant to Singapore and where can I download the information for this?

A2 : The Conditions Of Work Pass can be downloaded from the Ministry Of Manpower's website Click Here

Q3 : What is Levy and how much is the prevailing rate for Foreign Domestic Workers?

A3 : Levy is a Monthly Government fee charged to an Employer who hires a Foreign Domestic WorkerThe Fee is managed by the CPF Board via Giro Deductions which are deducted on the 17th of each calendar month. The levy rates can by found on the Ministry Of Manpower's website Click Here

Q4 : Why do I need a Security Bond and Medical Insurance coverage for my Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)?

A4 :  This is a Ministry Of Manpower requirement which is managed by a Migrant Domestic Worker Insurance policy. The Insurance Coverage is broken down into 2 parts.  The first part comprises of a Security Bond of S$5000 and the second portion is a medical Insurance coverage for your FDW to address the welfare of the FDW.

Q5 : Can I hold onto my Migrant Domestic Worker's Passport and Work Permit for safe keeping?

A5Generally both the Passport and Work Permit should be kept by your Migrant Domestic Worker.  The original Work Permit card should be carried by the Migrant Domestic Worker at all times when outside the place of residence as stated in the Work Permit Card as this is considered her Identity Card. 

Q6 : I have seen a Migrant Domestic Worker working part-time at a Shopping Centre on her Sunday day off and I wish to report this?

A6Foreign Domestic Workers should only be working in the capacity as stated in their Work Permit cards if you are concerned the FDW is working part-time  Click Here to give feedback to the Ministry Of Manpower.

Q7 : I am currently employing a Migrant Domestic Worker,  how can I check and pay any outstanding levy's?

A7To check outstanding levy Click Here and login using your Singpass.  Once logged on you can download a pdf file of your levy payments and make payments online if required.

Q8 : I have a Migrant Domestic Worker who is approaching 50 years old how long can she work for in Singapore?

A8 :  Migrant Domestic Workers can work in Singapore up to the capping age of 60 years old provided that she is certified medically fit from a medical practitioner and she is on a valid Work Permit.

Q9 : I wish to renew my Migrant Domestic Workers Work Permit and I have 9 months left on the Insurance policy can I use the existing Insurance Policy?

A9You can use your existing Migrant Domestic Worker insurance policy provided that there is a minimum of 8 months validity on the insurance policy at the time of renewal.

Q10 : What is a rest day agreement?

A10The rest day agreement is a standard form agreement between the Employer and Migrant Domestic Worker (FDW)  which defines the day of rest for the Migrant Domestic Worker.

Q11 : How can I check the status of my GIRO application with the CPF Board for the purpose of paying levy?

A11Once the GIRO form has been mailed out you can check the status online Click Here

Q12 : Do I need to notify the Ministry Of Manpower if I decide to change the salary amount for my Migrant Domestic Worker employee?

A12 :  If there is a downward revision of the salary as declared in the Work Permit Application then the answer is Yes.  If there is an upward revision of salary this can be updated at the next renewal of Work Permit application.

Q13 : Do I need to notify the Ministry Of Manpower if I decide to change the salary amount for my Migrant Domestic Worker employee?

A13 :  If there is a downward revision of the salary as declared in the Work Permit Application then the answer is Yes.  If there is an upward revision of salary this can be updated at the next renewal of Work Permit application.

Q14 : Are there any useful guidelines for hiring and looking after a Migrant Domestic Worker?

A14 :  We have found this link which appears to be concise and informative Click Here

Q15 : Can I Transfer my Employment to another Employer if my Employer has already cancelled my Work Permit and I am on a Special Pass?

A15 :  If you are on a Special Pass the terms of stay in Singapore is stated on the document.  In normal cases you will have to leave Singapore before the date stated on the Special Pass to discharge the Security Bond before your new prospective employer applies for a fresh Work Permit for you.

Q16 : What are the approved source countries for Migrant Domestic Workers seeking employment in Singapore?

A16 :  Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.  Note source countries listed in bold are grouped under other countries in the search engine.

Q17 :  What is an In-principle approval (IPA) for?

A17 : An in-principle approval (IPA) is one of the requirements for getting Migrant Domestic Workers to Singapore. You will get an IPA letter when your Work Permit application is approved. The validity of the IPA will be mentioned in the letter. This is the window you have to bring the foreign worker to Singapore.

Q18 : What do I do when my Migrant Domestic Worker's Work Permit is lost?

A18 : If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, you must apply for a replacement within 1 week. For a stolen card, you must also file a police report. If your worker lost the card while overseas, you must inform MOM immediately. They will issue a letter for your worker to use when entering Singapore. To find out more and the replacement fee Click Here

Q19 : I found out that my Migrant Domestic Worker is borrowing money from moneylenders, What should I do to protect myself from their Creditors?

A19 : Recently MOM have issued an Annex of Welfare Organisations (VWOs) who work with Work Pass Holders in debt.  Here are few of these Angels Blessed Grace Services, One Hope Centre, The Silver Lining and Arise2Care.

Q20 : My Migrant Domestic Worker is sick and has been admitted to Hospital how do I go about making an Insurance Claim?

A20 : The following link contains information and forms on the procedure for making a Medical Insurance Claim  Click Here

Q21 : I have less than 15 days left on my Migrant Domestic Worker's Work Permit can I Transfer my Migrant Domestic Worker to a new Employer?

A21 : In this case you will not be able to Transfer your helper you can however ask for a short extension of Work Permit so that this goes beyond the 15 days then apply for a Work Permit.

Q22 : My Migrant Domestic Worker's Work Permit is due for renewal what do I do?

A22 : Email us a copy of the Renewal Notice and we will assist you to renew the Work Permit and to draft up fresh Employment Contracts, Safety Agreements and Rest day Agreements.

Q23 : How do I go about claiming an Insurance Refund?

A23 : The Insurance Refund comes under refund brackets of 70% within 3 months, 30% within 6 months,15% within 12 months.  To claim the refund MOM will send you a Bond Discharge Letter. Email us this letter which will be forwarded to the Insurance Broker to process your refund.

Q24 : I am an Employer and I have a new Foreign Domestic Worker who will be transferred into my Employment.  What pre checks can I do before my Migrant Domestic Worker joins us?

A24 : Check to see if there is any outstanding levy as this can block the Issuance Of Work Permit Process

Q25 : I have just transferred my Migrant Domestic Worker to a new Employer what do I do with the existing Work Permit Card?

A25 : Ensure the Work Permit is cancelled.  Then place the Work Permit Card in a strong sealed envelope and mail this to MOM at the following address, within 1 week after the day of Issuance of the new Work Permit. 

Work Pass Division, Ministry Of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764

Q26 : How do I create a digital signature in a PDF document?

A26 : On a Mac platform with a laptop with a trackpad

  1. Click the PDF file.  The file will open in in Preview

  2. At the top of the page select Tools scroll down to Annotate

  3. Goto to Signatures and then select Manage Signatures

  4. Select create Signatures then press the button Click Here to Begin

  5. Place your finger on the Trackpad and look at the Trackpad then sign your name

  6. Look at the screen to see if this looks like your signature then press enter

  7. Your Signature will saved and be available to sign documents

  8. To insert your Signature  Tools > Annotate > Signatures select your Signature Click Here

  9. Your Signature will appear in the PDF document where you can move the Signature to the Signing Place

  10. Once you have placed your Signature press enter and save the document

You​ also download and install an app on your mobile device and also sign directly from your phone Click Here

Q27 : What are the basic items that I need to provide to my Migrant Domestic Worker during the course of her employment?

A27 : In general, items for upkeep and maintenance should include basic items to maintain day to day personal hygiene such as:

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Shampoo
  3. Conditioner
  4. Soap
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Toothbrush
  7. Sanitary pads
  8. Clothing
  9. Towel
  10. Facial mask (Current COVID situation) 
  11. Hand sanitizer (Current COVID situation) 

Q28 : Can you guide us to print out our Income Tax Notice of Assessment?

A28 : Sure here's the step by step in instructions

  1. Go to

  2. Login to myTax Portal

  3. Select Personal Tax with SingPass

  4. Login using your Singpass

  5. Goto Notices and Letters and select Individual

  6. Select Notice Of Assessment (Individual)

  7. Email the PDF file to us


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