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ADP Consultants (06C4806)

This section is for Employer's looking for a Helper to join their family.  Interested candidates can apply for these jobs by Copy and Pasting the Job No and description and sending us an enquiry

Job No: 5020 Date 19th June 2020 Status Live 3rd July 2020 last day 

Japanese family looking for a Domestic Worker to join their family comprising of 2 adults and 2 children residing in 3 bedroom Condo. Childcare is also required in addition to general housework, cooking, ironing and laundry. 2 kids go to school. Salary is up to S$500 - S$600 per month depending on the work history. Location Singapore.

Job No: 5021 Date 19th June 2020 Status Live 3rd July 2020 last day

Indian family of 4, 2 kids 2 adults, kids are 13, 8 yr. adults are working . Person has to have a good attitude. Candidate will have separate room and bathroom . Helper should have a basic idea of Indian cooking and the employer is open to any food addition knowledge will beneficially. Looking for Filipino or Nepal Foreign Domestic Worker. Location Singapore.

Job No: 5023 Date 19th June 2020 Status Live 3rd July 2020 last day

Indian Australian / Singaporean middle aged couple both adults are working . HDB 2 bedroom Apartment.  Person has to have a good attitude and dedicated to her work. Duties  entail general cleaning daily, cooking (No beef), assisting in the kitchen and thorough cleaning as planned.  Candidate will have separate room which doubles up as an office during the day. 4 rest days a month, Immediate start.  Employer needs a high standard of cleanliness.  Location Singapore. 

Job No: 5025 Date 19th June 2020 Status Live 3rd July 2020 last day

Singaporean family of 3, 2 adults, 1 child aged 5 years old.  Both adults are working . HDB 3 room Apartment. Person will have shared room with the child, shared bathroom. 1 off day with 3 days compensation per month. Salary S$600 - S$700 per month. Location Singapore.

Job No: 5028 Date 22nd June 2020 Status Live 6th July 2020 last day

Singaporean Chinese family of  2 adults, 2 children.  HDB 4 room Apartment. Person will have shared room with the child, shared bathroom. searching for a Foreign Domestic Worker to prepare meals mainly Chinese food, general housekeeping, no pets and no car wash.  4 off days per month. Salary S$700 - S$750 per month. Location Singapore.

Job No: 5029 Date 22nd June 2020 Status Live 1st July 2020 last day

Chinese Singaporean family looking for a Foreign Domestic Worker to join them. Helper will have her own room in a Condo, toilet will be shared. Salary is S$550 – S$650 per month with 2 rest days and 2 paid days per month, no curfew on Sundays.  Looking to start work in July 2020. References from current and past employer must be available. Location Singapore.

Job No: 5030 Date 23rd June 2020 Status Live 7th July 2020 last day

Expat Indian family 2 adults Searching for a transfer Foreign Domestic Worker , 3 bedroom condo.  The helper must be organised , independent , responsible - should be very good and interested in cooking Asian and Western food , must be able to read and follow recipes . Also she needs to clean the apartment which is exceptionally well maintained.  Should be able to clean the car , wash and iron clothes. We follow a daily routine . Helper will be given all Sundays off , appreciate if the helper can return home before dinner on their Sunday day off.  No pets . Helper has her own room with bathroom. Location near Holland Village, Singapore.

Job No: 5036 Date 26th June 2020 Status Live 10th July 2020 last day

Singaporean Indian / Chinese family comprising of 2 adults and 2 children are searching for 2 Foreign Domestic Workers Indonesian for childcare and Filipino national for the housekeeping.  Main duties are caring for the child, cleaning his room and laundry, and cooking. You are required to sleep with him in the same aircon room but on different beds. Child sleeps through the night from 9:30pm to 7am. Child falls asleep with us and then we carry him to his room.  You are expected to be good in childcare, to be able to play with him and look after his needs. Hygiene and cleaniness is very important. Housekeeping for the house mainly done by another Filipino helper. 2 off days a month and wifi access 9-11pm daily. Residence is a 3 storey 5 bedroom house. There are separate rooms for each of the helpers. Location Singapore.

Job No: 5037 Date 26th June 2020 Status Live 10th July 2020 last day

Employer Looking for a helperSalary: $700 Negotiable with good references, experience. Experience: At least 4 years of experience in singapore taking care of babies and toddlers (showering, packing school bag, storytelling and playing with kids) Duties: Taking care of 2 and 4 year old toddlers, Housekeeping, Cooking 

We are living in a condo with 3 bedrooms and helper will have your own room with bed & cupboard. 

Join us if you: 

Are good at storytelling, playing with 2 active toddlers (boys) 
Preferences for married helpers with a family 
Are honest, patient, hardworking, have good hygiene and able to manage your own time when employers are working. 
able to plan and purchase groceries for the week 
willing to accompany toddlers in grandparents house and enrichment classes when parents are traveling 
have basic cooking experience, are willing to learn more dishes, can follow recipes 
Good time management-able to follow house timetable and report status of daily, weekly, monthly chores to employers and follow up items that require rework. 
Have good spoken and at least basic written English 
positive mindset to receiving feedback on your work 
work attire- knee length shorts and t shirts 
Have few food restrictions. Allergy’s are an exception. Willing to eat what is cooked with the family. No beef and pork in the house 
Don’t drink, don’t smoke. 

Off day: 2 - 4 Sundays from 9am to 7pm 
(If you are required to work on a Sunday, you will get a replacement off day. But this won’t be often. You can ask for a 3rd Sunday if employers have plans to take the kids out. If your house timetable is finished and employers have plans with the kids, you can plan in advance with them to take 1-2hrs off to go out or do your own things. If planned in advance, some public holidays can be off too)
 . Location Bartley, Singapore


Job No: 5038 Date 29th June 2020 Status Live 14th July 2020 last day

South Indian loving and friendly family comprising of 2 adults and 1 child residing in a Condo are searching for a trustworthy, very Patient and friendly Domestic Helper who is Transferring. Primary responsibilities are:

1. Loves children and who can take care of the baby
2. Taking to pre-school (Not immediately but in the longer run)
3. Playing, childminding and engaging
4. Feeding the baby
5. Cooking (Mostly preparatory work and basic cooking)
6. Ironing, folding clothes
7. Cleaning the house and someone who is keen on hygiene

Off Days: All Sundays and Selected PH

Separate Private room for living

Please apply if you have more than one children and previous experience with taking care of young toddlers.


Agency License # 06C4806
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